In Spite of Myself: How Intentional Praise Can Transform your Heart and Home

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It’s a Bible study like no other, challenging you as a woman, wife, mom, or leader to choose praise even when you cannot see what God is doing in your trial. Challenging you to know God and let that knowledge be the basis of your praise, in spite of yourself or your circumstances. Group study starts Nov. 27. Pre-order your copy now!

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They say there are three things of utmost importance to human beings: health, love and money. And that the lack of one of those things is enough to throw your life into a storm.

They also say that most marriages face only one major crisis, but if it comes early in your marriage, you may have another.

While these sayings may or may not be true, Katie Hornor has had at least one crisis in each of those three areas. And as she’s learned to praise the Lord for his goodness both in and out of the storms, she’s began to see a pattern.

Praise brought healing where there would have been anger and bitterness.

Healing allowed her to share her story with others, giving them hope for God s healing in their lives as well.

Praise, Healing and Hope. Regardless of your story, There is only One who can heal your heart, teach you to praise and transform your heart and home. You will find Him, and the power of his Truth presented in every page of this riveting 4-week Bible study.

Book Information:

  • 4-week Bible study
  • Soft cover or Kindle
  • 172 pages
  • Release Date: November 7, 2017
  • Based on Katie’s Intentional Praise e-course with over 2,000 downloads
  • Join the movement on social media #IChoosePraise


When does the live study start?
Each weekday from November 27 to December 22 Katie will be teaching through the study live in the Paradise Praises Community Facebook Group. You’re invited to join the free group and participate with other 500+ women learning to praise intentionally.

Do I need a special license to lead a Group Bible Study of In Spite of Myself?
No license is needed if each participant purchases their own copy of the book. Please contact us for information about bulk book order discounts.

How do I find the free Videos that go with the book?
We’ll post a link to the videos here on November 7.

How do I get the free coloring pages? 
Coloring pages that go along with the study can be found at

Where is the playlist that is mentioned in the book?
We’ll post a link to the playlist on November 7.

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8 reviews for In Spite of Myself: How Intentional Praise Can Transform your Heart and Home


    "Katie Hornor’s book, In Spite of Myself, is a personal look at her life’s journey through two lenses: one focuses on the circumstances she’s experienced, and the other focuses on the opportunities each conflict gave her to praise God in the midst of them. Katie doesn’t demand her rights or resist the Holy Spirit’s work, and her words and the Scripture studies encourage us to know the Lord and to embrace his work in our own personal battles. Hers is an attitude worth emulating. I praise the Lord for this book!" CATHY CANEN Author,


    "In Spite of Myself by Katie Hornor was a breath of fresh air! I loved reading her stories as she intentionally chose, even in frustrating circumstances, to think and respond in a praiseworthy matter." STARLA JIMENEZ Author,


    "I can’t tell you how much your book, In Spite of Myself, has encouraged my heart! It’s reminded me of so many specific miracles and faithful provisions of God in my life. It’s been truly refreshing to hear God’s Truths from someone who really “gets” praising the Lord through the storms of life! THANK YOU Katie! You have truly blessed my heart today!" LEE FELIX Author,


    "God's faithfulness and provision are often overlooked when I get overwhelmed by the busy-ness of my days. When I finally get a chance to sit down, I often feel forgotten and overlooked. Katie reaches me in that place and shows me God's hand on my life. She understands just where I am. In this book you won’t receive a quick fix or platitudes; you'll get real encouragement that will make you WANT to praise Him intentionally every day." -Dawnita Fogleman, author, Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars


    "Katie Hornor’s book In Spite of Myself , a collection of personal experiences interspersed with Bible verses, jewels of wisdom, and practical applications, challenges you to examine your attitudes and those you’re teaching to your children. It guides you to think about your reactions in different types of situations. Every woman will identify with the situations that Katie shares! I wholeheartedly encourage you to buy this book. Your life will be enriched." -Lou Ann Keiser, InTheWayBlog


    "In Spite of Myself is exactly what I needed in my hectic, hurried life! It pointed me back to Christ and reminded me to look at my circumstances with a fresh perspective of joy. It's a must read for busy moms!" - Lisa Pennington, author of Tightropes and Teeter-Totters


    "The In Spite of Myself devotions are full of finding and praising God in the midst of struggles that we all have. Anyone in any season of life will be encouraged by the nuggets of truth Katie Hornor shares with a real heart for helping you find Jesus and choose praise in the middle of happy moments, ordinary moments, and even the difficult moments. It is possible to choose praise and when we learn to intentionally praise Him, no matter what, our lives will be forever changed." -Candace Crabtree,


    "Katie Hornor’s In Spite of Myself is pure refreshment that will bring laughter and tears, too. Her stories pull your heart in and her reflections point you to the answer – choosing to praise our Lord in the midst of it all. You need this book!" -Hal and Melanie Young,

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