In Spite of Myself: How Intentional Praise Can Transform your Heart and Home (Book & Kindle)

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It’s a Bible study like no other, challenging you as a woman, wife, mom, or leader to choose praise even when you cannot see what God is doing in your trial. Challenging you to know God and let that knowledge be the basis of your praise, in spite of yourself or your circumstances. Group study starts Nov. 27.



They say there are three things of utmost importance to human beings: health, love and money. And that the lack of one of those things is enough to throw your life into a storm.

They also say that most marriages face only one major crisis, but if it comes early in your marriage, you may have another.

While these sayings may or may not be true, Katie Hornor has had at least one crisis in each of those three areas. And as she’s learned to praise the Lord for his goodness both in and out of the storms, she’s began to see a pattern.

Praise brought healing where there would have been anger and bitterness.

Healing allowed her to share her story with others, giving them hope for God s healing in their lives as well.

Praise, Healing and Hope. Regardless of your story, There is only One who can heal your heart, teach you to praise and transform your heart and home. You will find Him, and the power of his Truth presented in every page of this riveting 4-week Bible study.

Book Information:

  • 4-week Bible study
  • Soft cover or Kindle
  • 172 pages
  • Released: November 7, 2017
  • Ranked on 2 different Amazon Best Seller lists for paid books in the first week
  • Based on Katie’s Intentional Praise e-course with over 2,000 downloads
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Who is this book for?

Women will benefit from this 4-week Bible study…

  • If you’ve been through health, love or money crises
  • If you’ve suffered at the hands or words of others
  • If you’ve found following Christ to be hard and lonely at times
  • If you struggle to keep home happy for your family

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Coloring pages and printable verse cards to go along with the study can be found at

Where is the playlist that is mentioned in the book?
Find a list of encouraging God-focused music at

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